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AWS Workmail: Resources, Delegates should not receive emails and only have read access to the resource calendar


We want to work with "Resources" in AWS Workmail in order to let people book an online meeting room. This works well but we also want to let people see the resource calendar so they can check whether the room is free or not.

Now there is the option to "Add delegate" so we can add people to the ressource as delegates. I did this and this also works fine. The people now can see the calendar. However the people now receive a lot of emails when a resource is book, whether they are in the associated meeting or not. The reason is explained there and I understood that a delegate receives "full access" to the resource but in fact we only want to give them "read" access - nothing more.

So our use case is clear: We want people to see the resource calendar but without the "full access" and all the email hazzle associated to it. How is that possible to configure?

Thank you

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There are two ways of achieving this for your users. All users should be able to see the "free busy" information of the resource when adding the resource in their meeting. If you want open the resource calendar with just read only permission you can configure this by giving permissions on the resource calendar Documentation. You will have to this as a delegate so it might be good to give permissions to a group so you can manage who can read the resource calendar from the console.

I will ping the service team for a feature request to have a "read only" access on resources to allow for easier management of this.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 6 months ago

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