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How to report an issue related to Amazon Linux 2 repo?


While experimenting with IPv6 only network in AWS I've found out that yum in Amazon Linux 2 requires IPv4 as of 2022-02-07.

The reason of this that the request curl -v sent by yum (note dualstack in the URL) redirected to the URL like (note that no dualstack, therefore ipv4 only) . Because of this server-side issue yum fails.

Does anyone know what is the best way to report this issue to Amazon team?

The fix might be easy to perform since S3 supports IPv6.

Some reference documents I've found

  1. IPv6 support for S3
  2. Similar complain about yum not supported in IPv6-only network
1 Answer

Hello, One of the best way to report any issue/bug to the Amazon team would be to report the same to the Premium Support team. I would also recommend to select the respective service that needs support. For example, in this case if you are using IPv6 with S3, I would recommend to report to the S3 team. If you are having the issue on an EC2 instance, it is best to reach out to the EC2 team that would have the necessary expertise to check & reproduce the issue quickly. Thank you.

answered 8 months ago
  • Thanks for your answer, unfortunately I cannot use the suggested recommendations

    1. "I would also recommend to select the respective service that needs support." - The respective service should be called "Amazon Linux 2" or "AL2" - I wasn't able to find this tag in the list of the tags when making the post. Custom tags aren't allowed

    2. I don't have Premium Support plan

    I'll try with next-generation Amazon Linux 2022 , hopefully it will work better (and with this product I'll be able to report an issue via github if its not the case)

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