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Here is a preoccupation I have on my EC2 Dashboard under the EC2 Free tier option that I want to understand. AWS is already telling me that I have 4EC2 free Tier offers in use that are under the offer usage (monthly ) section: End of month forecast : 2 offers forecasted to exceed free tier limit. Exceeds free tier : 2 offers exceeded and is now pay-as-you-go pricing. While telling me that i reached 100% linux EC2 instances and 100% storage space on EBS. Does it now means that for this two services, the pay-as-you-go-pricing will apply for me ? meanwhile I know that EC2 instances of t2.micro are free(under 30GB root volume). So what does it really says under this offer usage (monthly) section

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Yes, there's a good chance you're being charged pay-as-you-go for two of your EC2 services. It seems you're currently utilizing four free tier offers related to EC2. While t2.micro instances are free tier eligible with a 30GB root volume limit, it's possible you have:

  • More than the allowed number of t2.micro instances running.
  • t2.micro instances exceeding the 30GB root volume limit.

"Offer Usage (Monthly)" Section: This section likely shows details about your individual free tier offers for EC2 instances and EBS storage.


  • Check for any idle or underutilized instances exceeding the free tier limits. Consider stopping or terminating them to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Explore ways to reduce storage usage in case you haven't use the 12 free months.
  • Remember to explore your billing dashboard for more insight.
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