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I am having an account as part of organization where I have consolidated billing but for some reason I am getting seperate bill for small charge for security hub in linked account so how to consolidate into 1 so i have only 1 bill from AWS for both accounts (payer and linked) and dont see an invoice in linked account?

  • Can you open a case with AWS Account and Billing by going here in the payer account of the organization: Include information on the linked account that you received a separate bill for. They will quickly be able to tell you why you received this bill. Using this is free.

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Have you added all the linked accounts to the CB?

AWS Organizations provides consolidated billing so that you can track the combined costs of all the member accounts in your organization. Therefore, you should be able to combine all the costs from different accounts using that feature

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  • but why is there an invoice in linked account?


Could it be that you added your account to Organization (or joined Organization) somewhere in the middle of the month, but before doing that, you accrued charges on your linked account for the first part of the month when the account was still standalone? In such case, your linked account would still get invoiced for the days/hours of the month when it was not part of Organization. All the charges for usage that happened before joining Organization are still billed to your linked account. There may be a way for a Payer to pay for your charges for that month for the days before you joined Organization, so I would suggest reaching out to support. The support case need to be opened on the Payer account if they want to cover your charges for the first part of the month (before you joined Organization).

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