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Amazon PIVOT bug? "column does not exist"


I'm trying to use the Amazon PIVOT feature and am encountering what appears to be a bug. See minimal query and output below:

> WITH t1 AS (select 1 as a) select 1 from t1 PIVOT (sum(a) for a in (1)) WHERE ('NaN'::FLOAT = 0);
ERROR:  Query unsupported due to an internal error.
DETAIL:  SQL reparse error.
CONTEXT:  column "nan" does not exist in unnamed_pivot1.

The literals in the where clause don't have anything to do with the pivot, so the error message does not seem accurate. Is this indeed a bug? Please let me know if I can provide any further information. Thanks!

asked 3 months ago81 views
1 Answers

The literal in the where clause is the problem. The query can't be parsed because there isn't a column named "nan".

Are you trying to check for null with "nan"?

answered 3 months ago
  • Sorry, not sure I understand your question. Here's a query that gives the output that I expect. The WHERE clause has nothing to do with the rest of the query in the OP or in this example.

    WITH t1 AS (select 1 as a) select 1 from t1 PIVOT (sum(a) for a in (1)) WHERE ('hello' = 'world');
    (0 rows)

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