Cost of storage type change from S3 Standard to S3 OneZone-IA confusion


Good afternoon and thank you in advance, I have a "folder" in a bucket - lets say bigdata/ - that has files stored from 2 years ago and up until yesterday in S3 standard storage. I have applied a lifecycle policy to that folder to move the files to OneZone-IA storage.

  1. The transition from S3 Standard to OneZone-IA requires items in the folder to have stayed for minimum of 30 days. That's ok, but the policy didn't seem to activate even on the files stored over a month ago. Does it start the counter from the day the policy applied?

    1. If I manually made the conversion from the AWS S3 console to bigdata/ to OneZone-IA, will it charge me any "early-conversion" fees for those files that are less than a month old?

Thanks for your time. Derek

  • Quick question: Are your objects larger than 128K ?

Derek J
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  1. Lifecycle policies are based on the object's age. A Lifecycle policy will evaluate the object's LastModifiedDate to determine the object's age. However, Lifecycle policies are not immediate. When you configure and apply an Object Lifecycle Rule to your bucket, S3 will not immediately remove these objects. When an object reaches the end of its lifetime, Amazon S3 queues it for transition and transitions the object asynchronously. Typically, S3 will run the lifecycle rule the following day at 0:00 UTC.

  2. S3 will evaluate the object's LastModifiedDate to determine how old the object is. If the object's LastModifiedDate is older than 30 days, you will not be charged an early conversion fee.

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