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SageMaker Studio domain lifecycle configuration for hosting VSCode not working and no error logs


Hi all,

I've followed the guide provided in this medium blog by senior AWS ML SA:

I've created the lifecycle configuration (jupyterlab app) for the following bash script:


mkdir -p vscode
cd vscode
sudo su
curl -fsSL | sh

However, when I attach the configuration to the domain or a specific user's jupyter server in the SM Studio, the JupyterServer App fails to be created with the following message displayed on the loading page of SM Studio's jupyterlab:

"The JupyterServer app default encountered a problem and was stopped.Details: ConfigurationError: LifecycleConfig execution failed with non zero exit code 1 for script arn:aws:sagemaker:eu-west-3:615740825886:studio-lifecycle-config/install-vscode-on-jupyterserver. Check for debugging instructions."

I checked the page for debugging instructions, specifically the part where I am instructed to check the cloudwatch logs for the log group: aws/sagemaker/studio The problem is this log group does not exist in CloudWatch (I have admin permission).

I would like to have this set up for the entire team, Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best, Ruoy

  • Hi Ruoy, can you run this as just a shell script from your system terminal and verify if it runs successfully? If your app isn't starting now, I'd suggest to remove this LCC from the app/user profile and then start it, to run the script.

    If you have at least one app running, you should have an /aws/sagemaker/studio log group (make sure you are on the right region), and then you can look for the <domain>/<user-profile>/default/JupyterServer/LifecycleConfigOnStart log stream to troubleshoot the error.

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