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/AWS Openseaarch Support for cold_migration and cold_delete/

AWS Openseaarch Support for cold_migration and cold_delete



The AWS docs at state there are 3 special actions supported by ISM for Amazon OpenSearch Service:

OpenSearch Service supports three unique ISM operations, warm_migration, cold_migration, and cold_delete.

However, I can only see warm_migration in the OpenSearch Policy Management Visual Editor. See

If I use the API to create a policy including cold_migration and cold_delete, it succeeds, but I can't view it in the UI. So I am unsure if this is really supported, or if the UI hasn't been updated to reflect this.

Curious to hear others thoughts on this.

asked 3 months ago11 views
1 Answers

See the sample policies. It gives examples to all 3 actions you mentioned.

answered 2 months ago
  • Yes I had already reviewed that. Anyways, I discovered that the cluster did not have cold migration enabled which is probably why it wasn't appearing in the list. Seems like a bug still though that open search let me import the config which it did not support.

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