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/EKS issue when adding node group with t4g class instance/

EKS issue when adding node group with t4g class instance



We got an issue when we tried to add a node group in EKS with t4g class instance

AutoScalingGroupInvalidConfiguration - Amazon EC2 Autoscaling does not support the requested instanceType t4g.medium.

I check and t4g are available in my region (eu-west-3) I successfully set a t4g class instance by manually edition a launch configuration in an other node group.

Maybe you have forgot a condition somewhere when you release this new type of instance ?

3 Answers

Is there any difference between working node group and not-working node group? You should check which AZs are configured to each node group. Some instance types is not supported in the recently launched AZ.

answered 5 months ago

node group are exactly the same (I test it with terraform and manually)

node group can deploy instance in the 3 AZ (eu-west-3a, b, c) I also check t4g instance are available in EC2 etc, i can set it manually by editing the launch configuration of the ASG created by EKS (if I first ask m6g instance for exemple)

As I can do it manually by cheating EKS, i suppose it's only a software limitation / bug

answered 5 months ago

problem seems to have been resolve by aws team

answered 4 months ago

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