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check best pratices ans security compliance for AWs accounts


Hi team,

we want to do some audits on all our projects using AWS accounts,

Are there any first items to start checking or any specific checklist to go over when doing the audit to make sure that best practices and security are implemented?

Thank you!

2 Answers

In addition to what Matt-B said in his answer, we also offer the AWS Well-Architected Tool -- which will allow you to run through the six pillars (which includes a Secuirty pillar) of our Well-Architected Framework for your workloads. This tool will generate actionable findings for you and your team to prioritize and tackle and is closer to a "checklist" style.

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answered 10 days ago

I would start by looking at The AWS Foundational Security Best Practices standard. The AWS Foundational Security Best Practices standard is a set of controls that detect when your deployed accounts and resources deviate from security best practices. See

You can enable this control in Security Hub and start to get a good idea of how your environment fairs against AWS Foundational best practices. See

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answered 10 days ago

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