Updating Runtime to Lambda functions created by CDK


In my system there are two lambda functions that were created by CDK. The name of those lambdas are: BucketNotificationsHandler and CustomCDKBucketDeploymen.

Now those lambdas have the Runtime Python 3.9 and I want to update to Python 3.11.

What can I do?

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The BucketNotificationsHandler lambda is an internal CDK lambda needed to apply bucket notification configurations. Please try to upgrade your CDK to the latest version. Python 3.11 is added to aws_lambda module with aws-cdk-lib 2.88.0. If this is not addressed, please open Github issue - it should be handled by the team. Alternatively, if you want to stick with your current version of cdk, you can opt for using escape hatches in CDK. Or simply add similar lines of code to force overrride: const handler = Stack.of(this).node.tryFindChild('BucketNotificationsHandler<ID>')?.node.defaultChild as cdk.CfnResource handler.addPropertyOverride("Runtime", <RUNTIME>);

answered a month ago
  • Hello Evgeny,

    Thank you for your support. I checked the version of the aws-cdk-lib and it has the version 2.118.0.

    I'll open Github issue.


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