Can't upload files or create files in WorkDocs


Since last week no users can upload any files or create files within WorkDocs in browser. As far as I can see we havent hit any limits on storage. Have tested with different users, using different browsers and still have the same issue. Have contacted support who have confirmed the issue isn't due to outstanding bill etc. Any ideas on what to look at next to fault find the issue?

asked 3 months ago56 views
2 Answers

Not answer but y entire team is unable to upload any files whether using the browser or the app. My last successful upload dates back to August 27, 2022. Clearly there is an issue. My case was supposed to be elevated but I have yet to hear any kind of update on the issue.

answered 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing the issue you're running into. To better assist you, please file a support ticket so the team can investigate it further? Thanks

answered 2 months ago

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