System error code: 1019


I try to load Mturk hits for our account.
I use boto3 and ListHits function. After I download ~ 55 days. I start receiving just error System error code: 1019 .
I restart process and it failed on the same date. What does it mean ? How I can overcome this problem ? Is this is some limitation for this function / API ?


UPD 2022-05-22:



here is my code

Note: I receiving the same problem with aws cli too . I'm not sure that problem with code because :

  • it load's data during 2 days, and then start failing on specific historical dates (I repeat it 2 times and behaviour the same . It load's data from now to middle of the March and then start failing )
  • I picked nextToken and got same issue with was cli
  • I continued tries and after 1 day it worked some time and downloaded ~ 1 week of data.
  • Now it stop working and token expired.
  • And for getting this error I need to parse our data again during next week what is annoying.


aws mturk list-hits --max-items=100 --page-size=100 --starting-token=p2:d*******O

An error occurred (ServiceFault) when calling the ListHITs operation (reached max retries: 2): There was an error with this request. (System error code: 1019 1653038262906)


import json
import logging
import datetime
import boto3
from retry import retry

END_DATE = '2022-01-01 00:00:01.000001'

mturk_client = boto3.client('mturk')
paginator = mturk_client.get_paginator('list_hits')
next_token = None

logging.basicConfig(filename=f'list_hits_{}.log', level=logging.INFO)
log = logging.getLogger()
counter = 0
while True:
    cfg = {
            'MaxItems': 100,
            'PageSize': 100,

    if next_token:
        cfg['StartingToken'] = next_token

    def load_page(cfg, counter):
        response_iterator = paginator.paginate(
        for page in response_iterator:
            next_token = page.get('NextToken')
            counter += 1
            with open('./hits/'+str(counter)+'.json', 'w') as out_f:
                json.dump(page, out_f, indent=2, default=str)
        return counter, next_token
    counter, next_token = retry_call(load_page, fargs=[cfg, counter], tries=10, backoff=2, logger=log, max_delay=120)

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1 Answer

Hello there, could you please provide the related code snippet, and is it possible for you to enable verbose logging in your code so we can have more detail about the error? It is also wort upgrading the boto3 version to latest to see if that makes a difference.

answered 6 months ago
  • Hello, thanks for you response.
    I added more details , see section UPD 2022-05-22: in a main question .

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