Application load balancer in EKS without ingress controller


Hi all, is it possible to create an Application load balancer and attach it to your EKS cluster without the need of an ingress controller?

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If you want to use ALB and it's features, you would need the ingress controller. If a simple L4 Load Balancer meets your needs, you can use deploy Kubernetes "Service" of LoadBalancer type. It would provision a Classic Load Balancer


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answered 2 years ago
  • so what I am trying to achieve is having an NLB in front of an ALB in EKS in order to achieve the requirements of supporting HTTPS, having a static ip and attaching the ALB to a pod using a custom nginx image, hence I want to create an ALB without an ingress controller.


Have a look at the prerequisites in the EKS documentation for Application load balancing. The AWS Load Balancer Controller must be deployed on your cluster before you can load balance application traffic to an application.

answered a year ago

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