why can't I connect to my Redshift serverless database?


I've been trying for a few hours to connect to my Redshift serverless database - I'm following steps on this page:
https://docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/mgmt/serverless-connecting.html I'm trying to connect from DBeaver (jdbc) that I just downloaded two days ago with the latest drivers. The connection just times-out. Using DBeaver I am able to connect to my MySQL RDS database with no issues. For Redshift I did have to create a new VPC with 3 subnets as that is what Redshift requires. I've assigned a security group with the Redshift and Inbound IPv4 traffic on the Inbound Rule. I've also enabled the Turn on Publicly Accessible option on the serverless security page. Default namespace, default workgroup used - I copy the Endpoint from the workgroup page into DBeaver connection, when I Test Connection the jdbc format looks correct.
Just keeps timing out.

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Are routes destined to Internet Gateway added to the route table for the subnet on which Redshift Serverless is running?

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  • Riku thank you - I went thru every step again following the link you provided. I am finally able to connect, not sure if it was the Allow Public Access setting or something else, but I was able to trace thru from the VPC to the subnets, route table and gateway and got it all working.

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