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/can NOT see Athena "data source connector" db in QuickSight/

can NOT see Athena "data source connector" db in QuickSight


I created a Athena data source connector, which can query dynamodb data successfully.

However, when I tried to create a new dataset in QuickSight with Athena, it can NOT see my 'data source connector'? Do I miss anything? Thanks!

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2 Answers

Thanks for the reply!

Select the "AWSLambdaRole" and click "Attach Policy" solved my problem.

answered 25 days ago


to be able to use the connector you need to grant the QuickSight Role permission to invoke the AWS Lambda function used by the connector. Please, look at this blog post for further information.

Also, for QuickSight related questions we have launched a fully dedicated community; in case you want to check there to see if there are further answer to your questions.

hope this helps,

answered 25 days ago
  • I see you were able to fix this error and move forward, based on another question.

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