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Using CloudWatch for traffic monitoring on EBS


Hello all -

First post here and fairly new to AWS (been a developer for 20+ yrs).

I recently deployed a simple .NET app in EBS. I even managed to use CodePipeline for CICD deployments. Works nice.

My "next step" which is mostly experimental for learning, is to enable some basic traffic monitoring. 200x, 400x, 500x requests and so on. I went into CloudWatch and experimented with some dashboards but despite my best tinkering, I'm not getting any metrics.

FWIW - I have in fact enabled Advanced Health Reporting on the EBS Environment for the app.

Thanks in advance!

1 Answers

You have 2 options:

  1. If you have ALB in front of the application, you can get the HTTP error count from CloudWatch metrics

  2. If you don't have ALB, you can first stream the application log to CloudWatch

    Then, create a metric filter from the CloudWatch log Then you can get the metric of the HTTP response code count from the logs.

answered 2 months ago

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