Unable to delete RDS Multi AZ deployment with status Incompatible-network


The RDS DB Cluster is a MySQL Multi-AZ DB Cluster with 3 instances (db.m5d.large) that currently are in the Incompatible-network state, with the Cluster state as Backing-up. AWS-Nuke was run to cleanup the resources but due to deletion protection being enabled the RDS was not deleted but somehow the VPC attached to the RDS was cleaned up which let to the Incompatible-network state.

And now in this state no modify operation can be done, and when deleting the cluster (Not creating a final snapshot). We get the deleting message for some time which changes to "We're sorry, your request to delete DB cluster database-1 has failed".

I don't need to recover the the db, just need to delete it and its costing me a lot as of now, any help would be appreciated, have tried all the available solutions but most ways to get the instances out of the Incompatible-network state are requiring to modify the cluster, which it doesn't allow. Also its stuck at creating a snapshot at 0% from many hours, which most probably is not letting us modify the cluster.

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I would suggest you to raise AWS Support Case as you may hit a bug in RDS service. You may not be able to delete that RDS database by yourself and help from AWS RDS internal team is required.

answered 2 years ago

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