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Hi - I’m trying to set up my Amazon Work email account on Apple MAIl according to this procedure ( but it doesn’t work. Specifically :

  • i logged into preference
  • then “add account"
  • select “microsoft exchange"
  • once I typed in account and psw it says that it’s impossible to verify the account. The only way to do is with IMAP procedure but this does not allow to connect calendar, note

This does not occur on iPhone where I was able to install properly.

Anyone can help me on this?

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems configuring your mail account in the Mail application. Are all required domain record for you WorkMail organization created? Its important to create all domain records and for your case the autodiscover domain record which is used for automatic configuration.

You can also try manual configuration, you can find the required server for Exchange Web Service here.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 2 years ago

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