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/What happened to the service level "topics" of the old forums?/

What happened to the service level "topics" of the old forums?


What happened to the service level "topics" of the old forums? The vastly reduced set of topics in these new set of topics are totally useless. They are just big amorphous slush buckets that my benefit a newbie but are way too broad for an experienced user to get any use from and get the our specific contributions lost in din of generic noise.

Way to go AWS this is a huge step backwards from the developer forums. I hope re:Post changes or fails fast!

P.S. even worse the automatically selected "tag" set is not even close to what I'm saying and to heap insult onto that you have to select a tag to post and the tags are a fixed predetermined list of topics AWS wants to bin posts into. IOW, they are not tags. They don't even have a tag for "forum" to tag posts about the old forums. I guess they are saying "my way or the highway"!

asked 5 months ago18 views
2 Answers

The content and UI for re:Post is just so inferior to the old Developer Forums that it's not even worth my time to look for anything over here or try find a way to contribute to something that's narrow enough so that others can find it.

answered 5 months ago

Thank you for your feedback. We hear you. Analysis was done to determine the topics and tags to be included in re:Post. We recognize that as AWS evolves additional tags and topics will be needed. Please refer to this FAQ ( for how to suggest new tags. We thank you for your valuable contributions and look forward seeing you in re:Post.

answered 5 months ago

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