CodeBuild vs CodePipeline with Bitbucket Cloud Repo


I created a CodeBuild project for a .Net Framework repo in BitBucket cloud. The project is using OAuth to connect to BB Cloud. The build runs successfully and creates artifacts in S3.

Next, I created a CodePipeline using this CodeBuild project.

The pipeline wizard forces me to select a Bitbucket app or create a new one to connect to the BB Cloud repo. I've tried using the apps there as well as using the install new app method and have the same problem outlined below. The apps that are already installed were created with my AWS account.

Problem: I am getting a build error when trying to pull from the Bitbucket cloud repo.

The build error is:

authorization failed for primary source and source version

I have a user in my Bitbucket Cloud repo with admin privs for my AWS email...which is why my CodeBuild project works.

So I'm not sure why I am still having this problem via the Pipeline using the same codebuild.

Any thoughts?

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2 Answers

You might want to try to ensure you followed the steps here to setup auth between CodePipeline and BB Cloud. (you might already done some of those)

Then, ensure you choose "Full clone" in Output artifact format, and then follow the instructions here to update the CodeBuild project service role.

answered 3 years ago

Thank you for that suggestion.

answered 2 years ago

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