How to send email for a verified address via another verified domain on Amazon SES?


In Amazon SES, you can verify your email address to send emails. Emails will be signed by, so recipients will see:

  • from <email address>
  • via
  • signed by

Is there a way to add a domain (different from my email address domain) so that emails are signed by that domain? I would like recipients to see the emails:

  • from <email address>
  • via <my signing domain>
  • signed by <my signing domain>

The scenario is that I set up a sending domain (eg,, but my users will simply verify their address email (eg,, and send emails via my sending domain. I'd prefer the recipients to see "via" rather than "via".

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I think what you are looking for is a custom MAIL FROM domain. The custom MAIL FROM domain allows you to set the envelope From (also called RFC5321.

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