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Hi everyone,

currently we are doing some testing regarding S3 buckets. We have an on-premise environment with some windows servers and we want to exchange files between on-premise and our S3 buckets by using Windows PowerShell Scripts.

Actually, it is already working quite well. So we can read and write data to/from the buckets. However, we also need to MOVE the files after successfully transferred from bucket to our windows environment. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a “Move” Command so far. I can only read and after that I can execute the delete command but that’s not exactly what we need.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! Aktuator

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Have you looked in the s3 cli? You can try:

answered 4 months ago
  • the scripts will be executed on the windows server (on-premise site) so I think I can only use PowerShell, isnt it?


Hi Aktuator,

If you don't have AWS Cli installed you can check the step-by-step here: AWS Docs - AWS Cli Getting started. It has all the information you need to setup the AWS Cli in your Windows OS.

After installing it I recommend checking the AWS Cli Documentation, more specifically, the S3 commands. And just like AWS-User answered, the commands you are probably looking for are aws s3 mv and aws s3 sync.

I hope this helps.

Best regards, Gabriel Bartholomeu

answered 4 months ago

Thank you guys! I had a look at it and it looks like exactly what I needed. :-) Greetings!

answered 4 months ago

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