how do we integrate ElastiCache ( redis cluster ) in our back end services built on .net


we have crated ElastiCache ( redis cluster ) and we would like to integrate ElastiCache ( redis cluster ) through secrets manager in our code (.net ), can any one help on this.

we have integrated RDS in our code through secrets manager and we are trying to achieve the same using ElastiCache ( redis cluster ) , please advise if its possible.

  • Hi, @kumar.

    What framework are you using for your .NET application? Like ASP.NET Core MVC?

    How would you like to integrate Redis from an application perspective? session store?

  • Thank you for your reply @iwasa We are using ASP.NET Core Web API with C#. I am not sure about this : How would you like to integrate Redis from an application perspective? session store? could you please help us what could be the best practice. We would like to integrate redis cluster in our application however not sure how this can be achieved.

  • Accessing ElastiCache resources from outside AWS Elasticache is a service designed to be used internally to your VPC. External access is discouraged due to the latency of Internet traffic and security concerns. However, if external access to Elasticache is required for test or development purposes, it can be done through a VPN.

    Is this possible for a Redis Cluster , please advise

  • Error Message :

    StackExchange.Redis.RedisConnectionException: 'It was not possible to connect to the redis server(s). Error connecting right now. To allow this multiplexer to continue retrying until it's able to connect, use abortConnect=false in your connection string or AbortOnConnectFail=false; in your code.'

    System.AggregateException: 'One or more errors occurred. (The security token included in the request is invalid.)'

    AmazonSecretsManagerException: The security token included in the request is invalid.

  • now we are seeing the below error message when trying to make a connection to redis cluster:

    StackExchange.Redis.RedisTimeoutException: Timeout performing SET (5000ms), inst: 0, qu: 1, qs: 0, aw: False, bw: SpinningDown, rs: NotStarted, ws: Idle, in: 0, serverEndpoint:, mc: 1/1/0, mgr: 10 of 10 available, clientName: DEV-WS-132(SE.Redis-v2.6.66.47313), IOCP: (Busy=0,Free=1000,Min=4,Max=1000), WORKER: (Busy=1,Free=32766,Min=4,Max=32767), POOL: (Threads=7,QueuedItems=0,CompletedItems=116), v:

    Could anyone help us to resolve the issue.

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