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/Customer looking for cost effective way to migrate 200TB of files to EFS IA directly/

Customer looking for cost effective way to migrate 200TB of files to EFS IA directly


IHAC looking to transfer 200TB of on prem files to EFS IA directly or in the most optimized way. Few questions: 1)Is snowball into s3 cheaper than datasync? 2)Can snowball be used to copy files directly to efs? 3)What is the data journey on the most optimized approach? Example : from on prem to s3. From s3 to efs using data sync. Thanks

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Hi Karthik,

Snowball is usually cheaper (no per-GB charge), but depending on your bandwidth may take longer, and requires a bit more effort. You will need 3 Snowball Edge Storage Optimized devices for 200TB, at $300 each, vs. $2,560 to copy the data with DataSync (public pricing in us-east-2).

All Snow Family transfers land in S3 Standard and have to be copied from there.

Most optimized approach is DataSync directly to EFS (Intelligent Tiering so the data lands in Standard for good copy performance and gets tiered down to Infrequent Access).

answered a month ago

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