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AWS S3 listObjectV2 Feature Requests


It is stated in the documentation in listObjectV2 API(Javascript SDK) that "Objects are returned sorted in an ascending order of the respective key names in the list. For more information about listing objects", is it possible to add a feature to sort it in descending order?

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I understand that you need to list S3 Objects in descending order. I also see that you have read the AWS Documentation about this matter, however it is not clearly stated that there is a way to list S3 Objects in descending order even if you are using the revised API ListObjectV2

I have done some research and found that you can use python's sorted function to sort the keys in descending order.

Here is a code sample:

import boto3
s3 = boto3.client('s3')
res = s3.list_objects(Bucket='bucketname')
output = sorted(res['Contents'],key=lambda i:i['Key'],reverse=True)  

To list object keys programmatically using other languages, please refer to this AWS Document.

I hope this helps.

answered 16 days ago
  • Hi Lunga!

    Thanks for the reply. Is there an equivalent in Javascript SDK for this? That is what I'm using right now, as far as i know based on docs, this is not implemented yet.

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