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AWS lightsail is not responding


Hi I have a wordpress website running on lightsail and it's not responding. There has been no changes made to it since last time it was working. Not sure what it could be. Appreciate some help.

my website is and I tried accessing the website using the lightsail IP and it's the same thing. I have other wordpress instances running at same time but they all work fine.

I have also checked the DNS and it's all working, I have renewed the SSL certificate too but no luck. I have also done multiple reboot too.

1 Answer

Thank you for using Lightsail.

Check your instance utilization metrics to see if the software on your instance is exceeding the burst capacity. You may need to upgrade to a larger instance by creating an instance snapshot and choosing a larger bundle when you create another instance from a snapshot. Check to see if there are any plugins installed on this instance of WordPress that are different from the other instances that are working. Some plugins may use a lot of burst capacity.


answered 25 days ago

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