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Hi - My customer is planning for a large app migration to EKS with ALB taking the traffic. Customer is likes to understand the ALB service quotas, Performance benchmarking reports , best practices, optimizations etc.. to consider. Please so share if there any blogs or references which i can share it with customer team.

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Thanks for reaching out. It depends upon type of application, requirements etc. but below are some good links and references to start with.

  1. Quotas for your Application Load Balancers -
  2. Elastic Load Balancing features -
  3. Architecture Considerations for Migrating Load Balancers to AWS -
  4. Application load balancing on Amazon EKS -
  5. How do I create an ALB Ingress in Amazon EKS and associate the ALB Ingress with AWS WAF? -
  6. How do I set up an Application Load Balancer using the AWS Load Balancer Controller on an Amazon EC2 node group in Amazon EKS? -
  7. Kubernetes Ingress with AWS ALB Ingress Controller -
  8. How To Expose Multiple Applications on Amazon EKS Using a Single Application Load Balancer -
  9. Operating a multi-regional stateless application using Amazon EKS -
  10. Ingress controller ALB -
  11. Network load balancing on Amazon EKS -
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Also, i am looking for reference on prewarming ALB topic? Please do let me know.

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