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Connect Contact Flow playing a DTMF tone


I have a use case where an end to a Contact Flow needs to play a DTMF tone. I have this setup by the Contact Flow playing a .wav file in a prompt.

I have confirmed the .wav file plays, as I have added an audio clip to the beginning of the file preceding the DTMF tone and this preceding audio can be heard, but still not the DTMF tone.

Is there a way to have a DTMF tone originate from Connect and send outbound? If this is not possible through Connect alone, would it be possible by integrating a Lambda function to play the file from S3? I was going to build this, but it seems more likely the issue is with DMTF going outbound from Connect in general.

Thank you for your input.

Edited by: JDIO on Feb 16, 2019 11:22 PM

2 Answers

Updating for anyone else with future need:

The DTMF tone does flow through, it was/is simply not audible through my test receiver. I am unsure if this is unique to my setup or will be experienced across all use cases, however the functionality is still there.

answered 4 years ago

I experience similar issue with 2 way hands free devices which rely on dtmf tones to switch between talk and listen modes. Were you able to find a solution to your issue?


answered 3 years ago

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