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S3 download large files (.Net)


We are trying to download large files(>2 GB) through a C#.Net web application(AWS .Net SDK) from S3 to browser's(user/local) machine.

This is getting memory out of flow exception when using below


Please suggest the best approach to download large(>2 GB) S3 file using .Net SDK?

asked 9 months ago501 views
2 Answers

Hello! As a workaround, you could try installing the AWS CLI on the same machine and calling the "aws s3 cp" commands from .Net

answered 9 months ago

The .NET SDK is just returning back the Stream from S3. It doesn't buffer the the object into memory. I suspect depending on how you are returning the stream back through your web stack it is attempting to read the entire stream before sending it down to the client.

answered 7 months ago

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