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AWS EC2 running a server on 8080 but cannot connect from outside


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Here is a shot of my inbound rulesenter image description here

I should be able to connect using the domain that is up and running so I can get the index page at but I can't get my server at (My server is a Smalltalk Seaside server running under VAST 11)

I can run the server locally using localhost:8080. I have the same problem with FTP in that I can't connect externally (I have removed ftp server for now so don't check that one).

Can anyone explain what I have to do further to get to connect to my AWS server please? amazon-web-services smalltalk vast

  • Can you confirm your server is bound to and not localhost for port 8080 within the configuration of your FTP server?

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3 Answers

This is sorted. I forgot (as I am usually on a Mac) about Windows Defender Firewall. I have opened up the FileZilla app and port 8080. Everything now works.

answered 3 days ago
  • Awesome! I hope my suggestions helped. =-D


Good morning, There are a few different things that could be causing this.

Is there a firewall on the local machine blocking non-local connections to the port?

Is the application listening on localhost:8080 or on If it is the local host then only connections from the local machine would be able to connect to the port. This is usually configured this way in order to use nginx or apache as a reverse proxy to connect to the machine. And is a pretty common configuration.

Best practices in AWS would have you deploying this instance into a private subnet and using an ALB in the public subnet to pass traffic to the exposed port. This protects you from inadvertently opening ports to the internet. Like port 3389 which in your image is open to the entire internet. At the bare minimum go into the security group and limit that port to only being accessible to "My IP".

answered 4 days ago

Thank you for your response. It is quite complex an answer but I have a very simple question. When AWS set up this instance it included a security setting for port 80, which works fine from my home network. I need port 8080 to work to access my prospective program. At the moment there is only a basic host page working. Can you explain to me why port 80 works but port 8080 doesn't when set up in the same way? My http request isn't getting anywhere - as you can see from the attached Safari response.

It is a simple request because 80 is working so can you explain what I must do to get 8080 working please? Safari screen dump

answered 4 days ago

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