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Not able to see BEGIN exam option for upcoming exam| AWS cloud practitioner certification exam


Hi Amazon Team,

I am facing the issue regarding my upcoming AWS certification exam of AWS Cloud Practitioner through PeasonVue(OnVue) and I cannot find the BEGIN button to start the exam. I still see the "cancel/reschedule" option but not the BEGIN option. I tried refreshing as well as logging in and logging out the account also, but still no luck.

Can you please help me as I have to appear for this exam in few hours. And how am I supposed to begin my exam if I don't see the option to start it.

Please let me know if the details of the exam which I scheduled are required as I don't want to miss out. Kindly look into it asap.

1 Answer


The exam will have a BEGIN/Start option during the time of the test and not hours before it. Please let the proctor know if you were not able to see the same prompt during the time of your exam.

answered a month ago

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