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I'm working on following the AWS Technical Essentials course I have followed all of the steps that was listed. I can't connect to the Instance I keep getting site can't be reached. I made the EC2 instance so many times I'm an expert now. I followed how to create the VPC and no matter what I do I can't get it to load. The last time something like this was posted it was a year ago I checked that on my instance as well please tell me I'm not crazy.

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The URL below may have the same question as you.
I think you need to be careful because the commands will be different depending on the OS you are using with EC2.

I think you need to make sure you are booting EC2 using the same OS as the document you are referencing.
Also, could you please share the document you are referring to?

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  • I have already seen this answer and deleted my EC2 instance and created another one and it still doesn't work. There isn't a document I'm following the video tutorials show in the AWS technical essentials course on the skill builder site.

  • Okay I have been researching this for hours and I have more questions than answers! So I have found that the code that is provided by the AWS Course is the issue. I found another code that does work with the settings that was provided by the AWS technical Essentials course. I have tested that code and it launches I have tried both sets of code for Linux 2 and for 2023. Neither work for the environment but there was a hello world code that I was provided and that did work.

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