Double subdomain certificate issue.


So, i have a working hosted zone in account "A", the primary domain name for it, looks like I have created another hosted zone in account "B", for domain name, took generated NS records from there, using those, i created the NS record in account "A" - primary hosted zone ( After that, i requested certificate from AWS ACM in account "B", for domain name *, and validated it by creating the "CNAME" record in hosted zone of account "B" ( And now, the problem: i want to create an "A" record, to my ALB, which should look like (so basically i add 2 additional subdomains within the domain of the hosted-zone The redirection works, but browser is crying about the certificate domain name (which is * and the url that im trying to request (which is not being the same. Even thought, if i set the value for the same "A" record in account "B" hosted zone, to be just redirection also works, and browser is happy (even thought, i request now url and the certificate is *

I know it might not be fully connected to the AWS route 53 functionality, but to functionality of the DNS service as whole, but i would appreciate if someone would share any documentation or solution on how to achieve what i need.


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Welp, apparently i was just able to use SAN's feature, and it did what i needed - with just 1 certificate (* i covered both (* and (*

To create via AWS CLI just use :

--subject-alternative-names argument for command aws acm request-certificate, but it also is possible to do it via AWS web console.

answered a year ago

The wildcard in the certificate will not cover multiple levels. You will need to create another subdomain of and add * to the new certificate, if you want to do DNS verification. You could add the different multi-level subdomains to a certificate and use email verification without adding the various DNS subdomains.

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answered a year ago

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