how to update alb in ecs service


my ecs service need change a target group ,split from others but I cant find a area to change service alb target in update service page

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Hello xerphigh,

It is currently not possible to update the ECS service load balancer configurations using the ECS console. However, you can use the update-service CLI operation to perform the update.

You can use the below command to update the target group associated with your ECS service by passing the containerName, containerPort, and targetGroupArn values using the --load-balancers flag.

aws ecs update-service --cluster <cluster-name> --region <region> --service <ecs-service-name> --load-balancers '
    "containerName": "<container-name>",
    "containerPort": <container-port>,
    "targetGroupArn": "<target-group-arn>"

I hope this helps!

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answered 10 days ago
  • Agree, or re-create service.. Via CLi you can also add a 2nd TG to an ECS Service too

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