moving rds aurora serverless from Public subnet to private subnet within same VPC


Hi I had checked the process suggested by aws guidelines video and url link related to this issue, but unable to move** RDS aurora serverless mysql database** from public to private, can anyone please help me with this or at least tell me the viability of this process. I am unable to proceed with the step in the above url : Remove the public subnets and add private subnets on your DB instance as it is saying both public subnets are in use, i thought to proceed, but later on** I don't have the option to reboot the rds aurora mysql db**

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The document you are referring to is for RDS, and not for Aurora Serverless, hence you will not be able to move the subnets and reboot since those steps are not applicable here. If you are using Aurora Serverless v1, it should already be private, even if the subnets are public. Reference: "You can't give an Aurora Serverless v1 DB cluster a public IP address. You can access an Aurora Serverless v1 DB cluster only from within a VPC."

Another option is to create a new subnet group only with private subnets, and restore a snapshot of your cluster into that subnet group.

answered 2 years ago
  • Looks like is not posible to change the DBSubnetGroup of an existing Aurora Serverless v1 There is no option on the Web UI. You only have access to the cluster, not the instance.

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