Cannot log into re:post with SSO


I wanted to leave this here as this is one of the major reasons I never use this site. I am currently signed in with my personal AWS account instead of my company as we use only SSO and there is no way to log into re:post with SSO. The company is not allowing roles to be assumed for re:post access as this is the only way I have found this supposedly works. It's been years and AWS still has not fixed this. I hope this will bring more attention to this as I am sure I am not the only one who skips this site due to poor integration with SSO.

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Thanks for your feedback. re:Post now supports AWS Builder ID too. It is another method users can use to log into re:Post. In addition you can also link AWS Management console login method to the same re:Post profile and subsequently when you login using any of the authentication methods it would take you to the same re:Post profile.

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