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SSM Patch Manager OS Support


I'm new to SSM so I'm not sure if this is question has an obvious answer or not, but I've added some Debian 11 servers to my inventory successfully because that OS is on the SSM supported OS list and they are failing to scan for patches due to UnsupportedOperatingSystem. Now I see in the Patch Manager prerequisites that only Debian 8, 9, and 10 are supported by Patch Manager. When can we expect parity between supported operating systems for SSM in general and supported operating systems for Patch Manager?

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Hi, @xelprep

As far as I know, patch managers tend to start support later. Therefore, we need to make sure that patch manager is also supported even when using an OS supported by SSM.

Until now, SSM was supported in RHEL 8.3, but it was recently supported by the patch manager in the document.

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answered a month ago

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