EC2 instance in "Stopping" state


i-07b82b921998944f0 is in stopping state, force stop multiple times doesn't help.

  • in us-east-1c - shouldn't have been impacted by outage (different AZ)
  • Been in stopping state for hours
  • Force stop doesn't stop it
  • Instance reports "Volume impaired", but status of attached volumes in "EC2->Volumes" is "Okay"
  • Console log is empty
  • Serial connection isn't supported in instance
  • I tried to create an AMI of the EC2 but I ended up with an AMI with a "Failed" state

Thoughts on how to proceed. Thank you for your assistance.

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Thank you for your question regarding instance stuck in Stopping state. At the time of writing this response, the instance had already stopped.

However, moving on to the question of Instance stuck in stopping state, we require details that are non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS using the following link.

You may also link this re:Post thread in your Support case.

answered a year ago

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