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/What cipher mode is used for Elasticache encryption at rest?/

What cipher mode is used for Elasticache encryption at rest?


I am currently working through some due diligence for use of Elasticache for Redis. I need to understand the encryption standard used and cypher mode.

The following AWS whitepaper references Elasticache uses AES-512 standard for encryption at rest

This page highlights it now meets AES256 standards.

I am not a cryptography expert but as I understand it, the biggest block size for AES is 256. Ignoring the AES standard. I am more interested in the cypher mode at this stage.

Does anyone know cypher mode is used? is it XTS?

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See this whitepaper on encryption in AWS: AWS KMS Cryptographic Details

"Each volume is encrypted using AES-256-XTS. This requires two 256-bit volume keys, which you can think of as one 512-bit volume key. "

answered 3 months ago

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