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I have a problem with DKIM TXT record to my google worksspace mail! Google requirs a TXT record with name and value where the value is the DKIM key and the name is should be google._domainkey Rout53 that don't propagate the text record if I add google._domainkey as name of subdomain . If I leave the domainame empty it get propagerade and I can see it with dig, but google do not accept it. But if I add the name google._domainkey it will no be propagated. Any idea my domain is Regards

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Are you adding google._domainkey as a subdomain? It should be a TXT record.

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  • The record name box in TXT has an info text "Subdomain". As I see it it is the only place I can add the record name value google._domainkey. Is there any other option? Regards Kent

  • I see what you mean. google._domainkey is what you should put into the box. I see "dig -t TXT" doesn't return anything. How long ago did you add the TXT record?

  • I have been waiting a couple of hours the most. But without name google._domainkey it just takes seconds to to see it!

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