Access FSx for Windows over the public internet?


A customer is interested in accessing FSx for Windows from remote clients and their office network without using VPN since they only have a few users and are not storing sensitive data.

  • Is it possible to expose FSx over public internet? It seems that FSx only gets assigned a private IP.
  • Are there any workarounds that can be done that will be cheaper than running VPN?

Thank You!

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Exposing to the internet would not be recommended, for any type of data unless it's meant to be publicly consumed.

it may be less costly to run a self managed S2S VPN or Client to site VPN and access FSx that way. They could alternatively leverage a bastion host in AWS secured to the IP Range of their corp offices, to log onto to access FSX without a VPN.

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answered 4 years ago
  • Hi Rob, How about accessing FSX from a Windows EC2 but not joined to the domain. Possible to access using UNC path of FSX share and providing the credentials? Please advise.

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