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WorkSpaces build automation with Service Catalog


Can I add a parameter to specify number of workspaces to launch with cloud formation? I am following this blog, which launches one workspace at a time.

I would like to modify/add a parameter to specify the count within allowable limits.

How can I do this?

Thank you!

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Accepted Answer

At the end of the day, Service Catalog is a framework around standard CloudFormation templates.

Two options:

Option 1

Create a custom CloudFormation resource (aka Lambda function) as part of the template. The Lambda will take a parameter from the template and make multiple API requests to Workspaces.

Option 2

Each Service Catalog portfolio product can be launched more than once. Create a Service Catalog template for one Workspace, but launch it multiple times as needed. The web UI is fine for a small number of launches or infrequent launches of one or a few instances. If you need to launch many instances, you can use service catalog APIs to automate deployment.

answered 2 years ago

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