AWS DMS Resolving 'Failed to Retrieve Capture List' Error in MSSQL to MySQL Migration


Hi Team,

I have an MSSQL database on Microsoft Azure, and I'm planning to migrate data from one table to an AWS EC2 instance running MySQL. However, when I execute the migration task, I encounter the following error:


Last Error: Failed to retrieve the capture list from the endpoint. Stop Reason: FATAL_ERROR Error Level: FATAL


Could someone please guide me on resolving this issue? Additionally, I'd appreciate instructions on how to successfully migrate a single table from MSSQL to MySQL.

Thanks, Krishnakumar K

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This error usually indicates an issue with the source endpoint configuration or network connectivity between AWS DMS and the source database.

Check Endpoint Configuration: Ensure that the source endpoint for the MSSQL database is correctly configured in AWS DMS. Verify the connection details like server name, port, and credentials. Confirm that the specified database user has the required permissions to read the database objects.

Network Connectivity: Check if the AWS DMS instance can reach the MSSQL database hosted on Azure. Verify that there are no network issues like firewalls or security groups blocking the connection.

Regards, Andrii

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answered 20 days ago

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