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How to run my website under free tier promotion?


Hi, i'm free tier user and been charged of $8.40 for running a Linux t3a.small in the Northern California region which is not cover under the Free Tier promotion. Obviously i have done that by mistake. However for the time being i have stoped that instance to avoid charges, as a result the website is also not responding usually. Please suggest me what i need to do now to run my website and also how to avoid the unnecessary charges in the future?

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This will depend on how you set the website up but first will be to launch a new instance under free tier - t2/t3 micro (t3 isn't free in every region). Follow the same configuration setup and copy the content over. You should be able do this by attaching the EBS volume from your original instance to your new instance.

Note there is a difference between small and micro so ensure the lower instance type can handle your load.

You can see which services are covered under free tier at

answered 5 months ago
  • Well, i have already launch a new instance under free tier promotion but how can i configure set up and copy the contant from the original instance and further things? can you please explain me in a brief?

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