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SQS VPC interface endpoint and it's usage via AWS SDK v1


I have an AWS SQS VPC Interface endpoint with private DNS enabled. However, while using the SQS via AWS SDK v1 (java), I am providing the SQS url like below e.g<account_id>/<my_queue_name>

so, will my AWS SDK v1 will use the VPC endpoint provided I haven't configured the SQS client with any endpoint and my SQS doesn't have any policy other than the default one ?

1 Answers

In order to use Interface Endpoints you must specify the endpoint name in your code. If you don't specify it then the connection will be made to the default endpoint (for the region you've configured), not the private endpoint you've created.

answered a month ago
  • okay, does the endpoint can be deduced from the SQS URL? If I use for e.g<account_id>/<my_queue_name> in SDK v1 and is my Private DNS name for the VPC endpoint. Does that mean I don't have to set the endpoint in the SQS client of SDK and it can be deduced from the SQS URL itself? and it will not use the default service endpoint although it's same as the private DNS name

  • I can't say how individual libraries will determine the endpoint even if it can be determined from the service URL (other services don't work that way). In general private endpoints have to be explicitly specified to the library.

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