How does AWS charge me if added an instance to EC2 Saving Plan


Let's say I have t3 family, and committed an EC2 Saving Plan with the upfront payment $5000/year. Now I have an one-month-term temporary instance needs to be in t3 family, should I request the commit rate change? or this temporary usage can be absorbed and amortized to my 1-year commit term without extra charge (assume the total usage is not passed the commit number)?

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Savings Plans discounts are calculated and applied at hourly basis. If you overutilise, you pay On-demand pricing for the excess capacity. If you are underutilising your commitments, the additional instance would be accommodated in the Savings plan. You cannot change the commit rate and since it's a one month temporary requirement you should not buy additional Savings plan for that additional temporary instance.


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answered a year ago

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