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/A way to backup personal Quicksight dashboards/assets/

A way to backup personal Quicksight dashboards/assets


I would like to park my personal Quicksight account (enterprise billing) so that I am not billed while it is inactive. Is there a way to backup Quicksight dashboards/assets, import formulas, visualizations, other metadata, etc? Or is the only way to reduce the billing is to discard and lose all experiments?

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I've located the following references which may be helpful, in terms of backing up your QuickSight resources.

I would suggest opening a support case with our Billing team directly for assistance & guidance with reducing the billing on your account, here: This way, an accurate analysis can be made of your request, to avoid the loss of any important data on your account.

-- Ben G.

answered a month ago

Thank you. So this means that since Quicksight does not support backup/restore and metadata export, it also cannot be integrated with source control and therefore not an enterprise-grade software yet? Are there any plans to implement source control integration?

answered a month ago

Other than CloudFormation, there is support for Amazon QuickSight object migration and version control with the use of QuickSight APIs. Please refer to this blog post and demo/code sample

There already are pending feature requests for this to be easier using the console or CLI.

answered a month ago
reviewed 25 days ago

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