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/Lightsail instances disappeared/

Lightsail instances disappeared



I was running two instances on Lightsail, one of those was a Database. Today my chief told me that I needed to restore a local backup of the database because the application running on the instance was not working anymore. So I logged into the account, went to Lightsail and discovered that actually both the instances were gone. Couldn't see or access them anymore.

Now the weird part: since I wasn't sure I was on the right account I obviously searched for them on others, without success. At the same time they needed the application, so I started over with a new instance. Then I tried to create again the database and I used the same name of the desappeared instance and discovered that "I must use unique names for the resources". But actually There's only one other database listed and it had a completely different name. It seems that the name I was trying to use is still flagged and that's should be a proof that the instance was there. Moreover, if I run this command:

curl -k

(The IP is the one of the vanished instance)

I get:

<a href="/latest/dynamic/instance-identity/document">Moved Permanently</a>.

What happened? IS there any way I can track the actions on the account?

3 Answers
answered 2 months ago

Unfortunately the CloudTrail service wasn't active at the time.

Actually it shows all the events about the latest 90 days; still, no such event about deleting instances was found.

answered 2 months ago
  • Is it possible they were deleted more than 90 days ago?


No, my chief asked me about this issue on 22nd, March 2022. They said that le last time they accessed the application was around 10 days before, so around 12th March. So from that time on, the instance disappeared.

answered 2 months ago

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