Optimizing Amazon RDS Read Replica's Performance, Need Guidance.


Hello AWS community,

I'm currently experiencing high CPU utilization on an Amazon RDS reader instance, and I'm seeking guidance on how to improve its performance without causing any disruption to database connectivity. When an Amazon RDS read replica is being automatically deleted due to autoscaling, a customer is facing database connectivity issues for my application.

The instance is running Aurora MySQL and using db.r6g.large instance. The CPU utilization consistently stays above 60%, affecting query response times and overall performance. I've already reviewed our application's SQL queries and indexes to ensure they're optimized.

I'm considering a few options, such as upgrading the instance type, and exploring Amazon ElastiCache integration for caching frequently accessed data. However, I want to make an informed decision that aligns with best practices and minimizes potential downtime or connectivity issues.

Could you please provide insights and recommendations on how to proceed? Any advice on effectively utilizing read replicas, instance scaling, or caching mechanisms would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your expertise and assistance.


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Hello, You are on the right path for building a highly available and scalable application. To follow the AWS best practices for building a highly available and scalable database, please refer the following AWS documentation https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/AuroraUserGuide/AuroraMySQL.BestPractices.html To fix the autoscaling issue, you need to adjust the setting for minimum and desired capacity for the read replica. Also, you can monitor the CPU utilization in CloudWatch and identify specific queries or operations that are causing high CPU utilization and optimize them for better efficiency.

answered a year ago

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